UPDATE: Harley’s Smokeshack at 355 East 116th Street set to open soon

UPDATE: Harley’s will be on TWO floors, not three as we thought below. And the main smoker they are using called “The Southern Pride Smoker” would barely fit in the restaurant because of it’s size!!

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: We received a tip from an insider of Harley’s Smoke Shack that they are set to open in about 6-weeks from today, putting the opening date for sometime in late August 2011. The same partners also recently opened a smokeshack 18 miles north of Harlem in Pearl River, NY called “Johnny’s BBQ Smokehouse Grill” and that establishment received a ton of great reviews from Yelp, and some media outlets like the Rockland Journal News (lohud.com). Tracing back some info from Yelp, you can see that Dave Fink who is famously known throughout Rockland County for his BBQ skills was well known as a pitmaster at Bailey’s smokehouse, before he moved off and help to start Johnny’s. Now, it seems, the same group of partners are bringing to East Harlem Harley’s Smokeshack that we see at 355 East 116th Street at 1st Avenue. When I walked by I caught wind from one of the construction guys that the project the restaurant will be on three different floors. Can this be true? Might this be a game-changer for this end of 116th street? With Harlem Tavern on the west, it seems only natural for something new and big like Harley’s Smokeshack to anchor the corridor in the east. Any other info out there? The photos of the food below is courtesy of Johnny’s BBQ Smokehouse Grill’s Yelp Page

Bacon Cheesebuger

Maple Glazed Salmon

Texas Lollipops


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