Coogan's Bluff

Between West 145th and West 155th Streets along Edgecombe Avenue is one of the prettiest geographical formations in Harlem. Named in 1893 as “Coogan’s Bluff” this stretch of road has some of the prettiest natural vantage points in the Hamilton Heights. There is a steep cliff face here that separates Sugar Hill from the rest of Hamilton Heights, and it is here you can run, walk, or just sit and enjoy the pretty views of an un-interrupted straightaway above it all. It makes for a good place to go for a run since there are no cross streets to worry about traffic, and it also makes for a good place to bring a grill and cook up a couple hot dogs on a nice day as some of the locals do. Plenty of benches along the way give you enough room to stop and take in the surroundings. At West 149th Street there is a beautiful wooded stairway that brings you to a path that can take you to the north or south side of Jackie Robinson Park.