The Convent Garden

Centered in the beautiful triangle block formed by the north crossing of Convent Avenue, St. Nicholas Avenue, West 151st Street and West 152nd Street, is one of the prettiest flower gardens in Sugar Hill. The Convent Garden is a beautiful garden containing a tranquil gazebo, plenty of park benches underneath the trees, and more flowers than you can count. There is a fountain, a round table for you to enjoy for about 10 friends, and even some bird feeders and a gnome or two hiding in the grass.

The Convent Garden wasn't always this way, however. In fact, the land used to be occupied by a gas station up until 1985 when it was demolished. The community decided it was an eye sore and by 1989 the site was devoted to a pilot program for what then was the new GreenStreets program. The site underwent major renovation and after the gas tanks were finally removed from the ground in 1998, local residents began to rebuild the garden to what it is today: a perfectly manicured garden with plenty of seating a places to enjoy a cool breeze and the beautiful surroundings of Sugar Hill.